UK GGR Event 2022

On 12 & 13 May 2022 the UK GGR Event was held at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in London to showcase the latest GGR research and innovation. It was hosted jointly by the Greenhouse Gas Removal Programme (GGR-A) and the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme (GGR-D).

On the first day researchers from the Greenhouse Gas Removal Programme presented their main findings with the aim of promoting knowledge exchange between the two research programmes. The 5 new Greenhouse Gas Demonstrators projects from the GGR-D programme presented their plans, followed by breakout panel discussions on lessons learnt from the GGR-A Programme.

The second day presented plans for the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrators Programme and showcased the state-of-the art in GGR strategies in the UK. There were panel discussions on scaling, investment and international perspectives.

Videos of the presentations from GGR-A researchers are available to view here.

Greenhouse  gas removal by enhanced weathering (GGREW)
Professor Aidong Yang, University of Oxford
Feasibility of afforestation and biomass energy with carbon capture and storage for GGR (FAB-GGR)
Dr Nem Vaughan, University of East Anglia
Soils research to deliver greenhouse gas removals and abatement technologies (Soils-R-GGREAT)
Professor Pete Smith, University of Aberdeen 
Comparative assessment and region-specific optimisation of greenhouse gas removal
Dr Piera Patrizio, Imperial College London
Assessing the mitigation deterrence effects of GGRs (AMDEG)
Dr Nils Markusson, Lancaster University
GGR in the land sector – addressing the gaps (GGRiLS-GAPS)
Dr Joanna House, University of Bristol
Food and climate regulation by temperate agroforestry (CALIBRE)
Dr Martin Lukac, University of Reading
New methodologies for removal of methane from the atmosphere
Professor Euan Nisbet, Royal Holloway University of London
Metrics for emissions removal limits (MERLiN)
Professor Simon Tett, University of Edinburgh
Greenhouse Gas Removal in the iron and steel industry
Dr Phil Renforth, Heriot-Watt University
Harmonising and upgrading GGR consequential LCA (UP-green-LCA)
Professor Neil Harris, Cranfield University
Introduction to the Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrator Projects (GGR-D) and Q&A