Policy Outputs

To help disseminate the findings and insights from the UK GGR Research Programme we have developed a series of policy briefs. These summarise the results from some of the individual science components and include future recommendations and suggested areas of inquiry for the next generation of research projects and demonstrators in this area. The policy briefs were developed in the last year of the project June 2021 – June 2022.

Feasibility of Afforestation and Biomass energy with carbon capture storage for Greenhouse Gas Removal (FAB-GGR)

This consortium project investigated whether increased biological removal of carbon dioxide could deliver climatic benefits, and evaluated environmental, technical, economic, policy and societal implications. Download the policy brief.

Comparative assessment and region-specific optimisation of greenhouse gas removal 

This consortium project focussed on regional variation in the options for GGR, the scope for inter-region cooperation to reduce climate policy costs and how GGR technologies will interact with low carbon energy systems. Download the policy brief.

Assessing the Mitigation Deterrence Effects of Greenhouse gas removal (AMDEG)

The AMDEG project has investigated how greenhouse gas removal can interact with, and also either complement, reinforce or deter, existing and anticipated conventional mitigation through emission reductions. Download the policy brief.

AMDEG policy brief front cover
Soils Research to deliver Greenhouse Gas REmovals and Abatement Technologies (SOILS-R-GGREAT)

This consortium project analysed the global feasibility, barriers and impacts of soil-based greenhouse gas removal, and how this varies by management practice and region. Download the policy brief.

SOILS-R-GGREAT policy brief front cover
Metrics for Emission Removal Limits for Nature (MERLiN)

The MERLiN project has focussed on the reversibility of climate change, to determine how its adverse impacts might be affected by the timing of the deployment of greenhouse gas removal. Download the policy brief.

Greenhouse gas removal in Iron and Steel industry

The Greenhouse Gas Removal in the Iron and Steel Industry project explored how engineering interventions can accelerate natural weathering processes to enable industrial residues to act as a major atmospheric CO2 sink. Download the policy brief.