Media Coverage

Known primary sources of print, online and broadcast media coverage of the Greenhouse Gas Removal programme and closely-related topics involving GGR researchers are given below.


New Scientist: Rock dust can meet half of the UK’s net-zero carbon removal target

BBC Radio 4 The Life Scientific: Pete Smith on why soil matters

Carbon Brief: Greenhouse gas removal: How could it help the UK reach net-zero by 2050?


Science for the rest of us ‘Storing Carbon: Sweeping it under the Rug won’t work’

BBC Radio 4 39 Ways to Save the Planet ‘Magical Rockdust’

Climate Change: Why haven’t we solved it yet? ‘Do we have the technology?’

The Carbon Removal Show ‘Biochar and BECCS: can we do with more plant power?’


Carbon Brief ‘A brief history of climate targets and technological promises’

C2G ‘Carbon removal: the dangers of mitigation deterrence’


The Conversation ‘ Exaggerating how much CO2 can be absorbed by tree planting risks deterring crucial climate action’

The Energy Podcast ‘Trees: one way to tackle climate change?’

Carbon Brief ‘The problem with net-zero emissions targets’

NORI Carbon Removal Podcast ‘A Case for separate targets for emissions reduction and negative emissions’


The Economist: 28 April 2018.  Scientists struggle to explain a worrying rise in atmospheric methane (includes interview with Euan Nisbet):  (Press release and comments on EASAC Policy Report 35)

BBC News ‘Nature-based’ greenhouse gas removal to limit UK climate change’

The Independent ‘Forests that store greenhouse gases must be preserved to meet climate change targets, scientists warn

Carbon Brief ‘Why BECCS might not produce ‘negative emissions’ at all?

The I ‘The tech race to save Earth from global warming by absorbing carbon from the air’

The Independent ‘Future technology ‘cannot rescue’ mankind from climate change, say experts

The Chemical Engineer ‘Paris agreement targets can not be met with negative emission technologies’

BBC News ‘Climate change: Can 12 billion tonnes of carbon be sucked from the air?

Carbon Brief ‘Negative emissions: Scientists meet in Sweden for first international conference’  

The Independent ‘Forest size of Yorkshire must be planted for UK to meet its climate targets, scientists warn’

Respekt ‘’Skleník pod zemí’

Carbon Brief ‘Six key policy challenges to achieving ‘negative emissions’ with BECCS’

Tyndall Centre research youtube video ‘Biomass Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

The Conversation ‘A global carbon removal industry is coming – experts explain the problems it must overcome’

Science ‘Vast bioenergy plantations could stave off climate change – and radically reshape the planet’

Informaconnect ‘Can BECCS pull us back from the brink of climate breakdown?’

Carbon Brief ‘Credible tracking of land-use emissions under the Paris Agreement’


The Guardian:

Carbon Brief ‘UK launches ‘world first’ research programme into negative emissions’,programme%20dedicated%20to%20this%20topic

The Christian Science Monitor ‘After the pledge: Scientists scramble to make politicians’ cllmate goals a reality

Carbon Brief ‘Forests to provide a quarter of Paris Agreement’s pledged mitigation’

Carbon Brief ‘How new EU rules could ‘hide’ climate impact of harvesting forests.